Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's RM10.5Million...

Remember the ex-gratia, dinner 17 April 2008?
Sacked Lord President Tun Salleh Abas and five supreme court judges who were suspended during the judicial crisis in 1988 were paid a total of RM10.5mil as ex-gratia payment.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abd Aziz said Tun Salleh was paid RM5mil, Supreme Court judges Tan Sri Azmi Kamaruddin and George Edward Seah Kim Seng were paid RM2mil each, while Tan Sri Wan Hamzah Mohd Salleh and the late Tan Sri Wan Suleiman Pawanteh and the late Tan Sri Eusoffe Abdulcadeer were paid RM500,000 each.

Takde apa yang aku nak tulis...tapi nak kongsi satu komen menarik dari Rocky's Bru...

Anonymous said...


RM10.5 million in total? And RM5.0 million to Salleh Abbas? And he still wanted to be a Consultant?

And you think Badawi did all this just to save his job? Why didnt Badawi pay Salleh Abbas using his own money?

Looks like they are splashing our money around bro.

Bro, I have a question. We normal ordinary kapchai Malaysians have to pay taxes. Once I got a bonus. Few thousand only lah. But when I got my check, it was much less. Reason? The Income Tax people got their cut.

So here is a question for Nazri to taichi (meaning Nazri can say 'dont ask me this, its not my responsibility') :

Did any of the Judges pay any taxes on this special RM10.5 million cash handout?

Bro I want the Judges, Nazri, the Income Tax Dept or anyone to answer this question transparently. Did the Judges pay any Income Taxes on this RM10.5 million?

Here is Question No. 2 : Why did the Judges want to keep this special payment secret? Why the hush hush?

Here is Question No. 3 : This one is for Raja Aziz Addruse. Dear Raja Aziz Addruse, are you prepared to swear on the Quran for anything? If you are a truthful man, are you prepared to swear on the Quran for anything?

If you are then can you please swear on the Quran that the compensation paid to the Judges (the compensation, dont worry about the amount) especially to Tun Salleh Abbas was justified? That Tun Salleh Abbas did no wrong and should not have been wrongly dismissed?

God is watching you Sir. Will you swear on the Quran?


So...What say you??I'd say...apa nak dikata...hehe...

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Kembara Politik said...

Mine is: What to say lah (LAH)? :)