Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Rayyan

Today is Rayyan's birthday...03/03/2001...yeap he is 7 years old now..dah besar kan..

Pagi tadi dah dapat special kiss sebelum ke sekolah..

Then we threw him a little family surprise party as he get back from school..

*he watched Alvin and The Chipmunks movie every day..really..every day..

*reading the birthday card..

*had your wish my son?

*big hug from big bro..

Ermm..dah tujuh tahun dah ye..still remember the day you were born...I tried to find a photo of him as a baby..but could't get this is the youngest of him I can find..see the difference?hehe...

*I think you notice the year..2002..

Bila anak makin besar it also mean something..that the parents are growing older laaa...hehe..apa nak dikata..


nadya said...

HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY dear rayyan budak hemsem!

ajan, he look like syamim masa kecik eh?

Azhar Abdullah said...

yeap..memang masa kecik macam syamim..dah besar ni makin meninggi dia..