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I was called to write this short article about Novus Ordo Seclorum & The All Seeing Eye due to the requests of many who want to know more about the Freemasons. I will not put into details about who and what and when about them, you can find that yourself by goggling the words in the internet. What I’m about to tell us just my brief understanding about them.

People who blasted me in the internet for promoting conciseness about the Freemasons and the Illuminati are some deserve to be respected and others are not. Those who opposed me but in the same time explain the reasons behind their disagreement has earned my respect for trying. But those who simply reasoned that I’m just being paranoid or that the Freemasons has better things to do rather than coming to Malaysia shall earned my adverse presumption of being dangerously ignorant.

Our Vote is our personal choice and I’m here casting my opinion but with no intention to force other to follows. I think my intention is clear because my articles is posted ONLY in this website which I had reasonably assumed created and visited by those who share my political belief. Despite my visits to several pro-opposition websites, I had never attempted to post my opinion there or to engage in a debate although the opinions found there are also offensive to me as UMNO member. Therefore for those who visits a house which is well known belonged to people of opposite belief, he must accept the highest degree of probability that he shall hear something which might offend him too. So I will remain with my opinion and you can remain with yours, and we can find a common ground to speak calmly on the notion that we had agreed to disagree.

Now, lets go back to the Illuminati..

In order to at least have a fighting chance against our enemies, we must at least learn a little bit about them. We might not know whether the ‘war’ will fully take place in our own lifetime or the lifetime of our children or grandchildren, but one thing we know that it will happen. Therefore even if we believe that it might not happened in our lifetime, we at least should take a little bit responsibility to look for the early signs and do something to either stop it, delay it or at least prepare for it. If you’re unwilling to read the whole shelf of books about it, then at least take a few minutes to read a few pages just as general knowledge.

The first thing you need to know is that there are two major category of Secret Society against Islam. The first is better referred as “the Luciferian” and the second is the “Zionist”. Some people confused them as being the one and the same. Well, nowadays they do collaborate with each other somewhat against their common enemy that is Islam, but still technically speaking they’re based on different belief. It’s sort of like DAP and PAS working together to defeat UMNO, but actually represents different racial and religious origin.

The Zionist is a racial movement based on the Jewish ancestry. Their purposes are to (a) to establish a Jewish State of Israel which shall include the soil which is now stand Masjidil Al-Aqsa on it (b) To have Jews dominating the world in any ways permissible by their holy book Talmud. Members of FREEMASONS are both consisting of the ZIONISTS and THE LUCIFERIAN of Jews ancestry. The ILLUMINATI however is strictly LUCIFERIAN regardless of race, nationality or religious ancestry. So basically speaking anyone can be one of them whether they are born Moslems, Jews, Hindus, Buddhist or whatever from wherever. The ILLUMINATI are worshipper of Lucifer & his Demons. The ZIONIST however consider themselves privileged by GOD and therefore even they (true zionists) would be offended if accused of worshipping Satan.

If we are to refer to the ZIONIST movement, they’re basically equal to each other because all Zionists are inspired by (A) and (B) above. So in brief the ZIONISTS is a movement based on brotherhood sharing a goal to carry out the orders of the book of Talmud.

Amongst the Illuminati however, equality only exists amongst the bloodlines of 13 families. These 13 families are purely Devil worshipper and their ancestry has been dated as far back from the day unknown. Some called them as children of the Devil himself and they consider themselves as ‘pure blood’ and those who are not are only worthy as ‘Servants’ and therefore dispensable. So those who are alluded to participate in any Luciferian-based society is fooling themselves to think they’re ‘members’ of the elite, because the truth is they are just servants to the Devil.

These families of 13 are the origin of almost all dark practices and culture in this world. Stories surrounding them are so sinister that most are consider as myths and legends. However several books written by those who once dwelled deep enough in the Luciferian-based Society can told us that Myths and Legends does coincide with ancient history to provoke the question of truth in it. For example there were accounts of a goat-head Demon known as Moloch which is worshipped by the Priests of the Illuminati to gain dark power. Moloch feast on human sacrifices especially the blood of the innocence (Virgin or Young children.. they younger they are, the better it is).

In the days when the Roman invaded England and Scotland between AD 43 and 410, the High Priest of Druid is known to sacrifice captured Roman Soldiers by summoning Elfin Fire from earth to burn them in cage on every Friday the 13th. Then on every October 31st (Halloween), an innocence young virgin shall be sacrificed to Moloch and this is said to have taken place at the Stonehenge.

Moloch is a demon of fire within earth, and is believed by the Occultist to gain strength from the spill of Human Blood on earth. The Demon itself has been mentioned in the history of various occult of different origin from different part of the world. There’s an account of a former worshipper of Satanist Group describing a ritual by which an entity called Moloch was summoned from earth to consume her new born baby, causing her to suffer mental illness and despair from there onwards. Then on historical account of Roman History there’s a story dated back to 16th Century by which ancient Magician Benvenuto Cellini and his apprentice Cenci attempted a ritual in the Coliseum by which thousands of demons including one named ‘Mallach’ appeared and tried to attack them. On another book of the history of Witchcraft, a Witch described a myth of a powerful Warlock whose age believed to be more than a thousand years named “Molokai’. Even the most wicked men on earth Anton La Vey while performing any Satanic Ritual will call upon Moloch to make its presence felt within the congregation.

The Illuminati regard Moloch as their deity and seeks its ‘blessing’ and assistance to all war and bloodshed they are about to execute. Recently I read in horror the allegation by a Brazilian Investigator who claimed to have proof linking the phenomenon of missing children from the street of Sao Paolo to a group of foreigners who pretended to visit as tourists but in reality hired local thugs to kidnap street children and then slaughtered them as human sacrifice. The story came to him after investigating a story on the street of a boy who managed to escape the ritual. I have no doubt that Moloch worshippers are behind this, but it would be hard to guess from which branch of the Luciferian they came from. Another story confirms the similar story behind what actually happened to missing children can be explained by referring to this directives published by the Christians to warn amongst themselves secretly of this danger:-

“Do not laugh and think it has become a big myth in your nation and other nations of the world, that there is not murders being committed in the name of ritualistic sacrifices to Satan. Many children and young have disappeared, never again to be seen, as they were disposed of after being used as sacrifice to Satan, Lucifer.[1979] O My children, the missing children in your countries are not just missing because they want to be adopted, or others wished to take them into their homes as children to be loved. They are being taken to be used in all foul manners. [1984] Do not be affrighted, My child; I placed a veil between him and you at the time. But they are conducting their services this evening, so the prayers that you will say, My child, when you return home tomorrow, you will say it for this group. There are children among them that have been missing now for months, for years. They are all pawns of the satanic cults [1988].”

Now, by general understanding we all know that all religious rituals usually take place before we do things we hope to succeed, and not afterwards. So similarly when human sacrifice starting to take place, that means that the Luciferians are probably up to something no good. So just be cautious, if one of these days the numbers of missing children continue to spike in our own backyard like what is now happening in US and other parts of the world, the I guess being paranoid is better than being too late.

In the United States, human sacrifice was introduced into modern medical practice but was masked under individual’s right to undergo ABORTION. Pregnancy outside wedlock is continuously promoted as a matter of personal choice, and the so called NGO’s with the aim to legalize abortion continue to be active and duly funded by those only God know who.

In other parts of the Muslim’s world, another form of human sacrifice is now spreading. The Luciferians aided by the Illuminati, the Freemasons and The Zionists are pulling weight together to promote WAR ON TERROR (which actually means War on Muslims). Muslim men, women and children are being sacrificed on daily basis and later white-washed as “COLLATERAL DAMAGE”. Each of the United States Soldiers is being told that “collateral damage” is unavoidable in war against terror and they are encourage to be trigger happy under repeated command of "CHARLIE MIKE" (meaning its okay to kill civilians). Even before the invasion of Iraq, children sacrifice has already taken place under the disguise of ECONOMIC SANCTION. UNICEF Executive Director Carole Bellamy once held a 1999 press conference to which carefully explained the "excess deaths" of over 500,000 Iraqi children under age five.

But the most chilling realization is upon discovering the new trend amongst MUSLIMS of carrying the oldest and most barbaric human sacrifice ever known – the senseless BEHEADING of a living and breathing person. The old practice of human sacrifice which was previously executed by the Satanist, the Warlocks, the Druids, the Incan and the Pagan in the old days is now back in full glory , only this time it is being performed by those who proclaimed themselves as Muslims. Obviously a change in the ‘ceremony’ has been made here and there. Whereas in the old days beheading is performed at night, the modern beheading are now taking place on broad daylight. The old formality of human sacrifice shown to members of unholy congregation is out-to-date, nowadays beheadings already goes techno by slitting the throat recorded by mobile phone's camera (I've seen one taken by Nokian N Series.. sharp DVD quality video I tell you…) and posted on the internet for all to see at home (Free of Charge for All.. No need to carry out Illuminati Member Card).


Mary Grace said...

Thanks Mr Azhar Abdullah

Harap dapat juga maklumkan kepada readers tuan berkenaan dengan posting saya di MYKMU berkenaan perkara berikut:-

Di dalam laman we b Keadilan iaitu di
telah dijelaskan alasan disebalik maksud lambang mata parti KEADILAN iaitu gabungan lambang "MATA" bagi Keadilan dan lambang "KEPALA LEMBU" bagi PARTI RAKYAT MALAYSIA yang membentuk KEADILAN hari ini.

Telah saya jelaskan di MYKMU bahawa lambang parti PRM itu sendiri juga adalah lambang ILLUMINATI iaitu SYATIAN BERKEPALA LEMBU bernama MOLOCH. Moloch juga diterjemahkan sebagai TUHAN MATAHARI bagi kaum israel lama dan sering digambarkan sebagai makhluk dengan Matahari di atas atau belakang kepalanya. Tidak hairanlah MOLOCH di dalam lambang PRM itu juga mempunyai lingkaran seperti matahari dibelakangnya.

Bagi umat Islam, mungkin masih ingat dengan cerita TUHAN PATUNG LEMBU dalam kisah Nabi Musa?

Itulah dia "MOLOCH"

Azhar Abdullah said...

thanks mary grace...
memang perkara begini tak ramai yang perasan..
pendedahan macam you dan afterdark buat amat perlu diketengahkan..saya akan terus update my readers tentang hal ini..

keep up the good work..