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Sekali lagi aku nak kongsi tulisan saudara Afterdark yang merupakan kesinambungan dari tulisan beliau yang aku publish semula kat sini hari tu...

Entri ni panjang...tapi ilmu dan info yang beliau sampaikan amat menarik dan perlu di dalami oleh setiap umat Islam...

Ambil masa anda untuk baca...kalau nak baca tulisan beliau yang asal, boleh berkunjung ke laman web Afterdark...

Buat Afterdark, terima kasih kerana terus berkongsi ilmu Illuminati ini dengan kami semua...keep it up...


Several readers already emailed me requesting for further elaboration on the prophecy of the True Cross. Actually the subject had been discussed briefly in respond to Novus Ordos Seclorum & The All Seeing Eyes articles, but for your further convenience and upon suggestions from other Illuminati watchers from the middle east, I shall now elaborate a bit more about this prophecy which is now in the brink of full completion.

The purpose of revealing this information to you is not entirely to freak you out (at least not intentionally). After reading this article you will realize that our prospect of growing old is better than our Muslims brothers and sisters in Syria. Some might take that as good news, others might take it differently.

(Caution: The content of this article is partly based on Christian’s Mythology)

The “True Cross” here refers to the Wooden Cross believed to be used to crucify Jesus Christ before he was speared by a Roman Soldier named Longinus and bleed to death. Under Christian mythology, the three items involved during crucifixion became a holy relics namely the Wooden Cross named afterwards as “The True Cross”, the Spear used which was named “The Spear Of Destiny” (Gospel of John 19:31–37) and the Cup used to ferment the dropping blood which is famously known as “The Holy Grail”. It was then believe that these three holy relics can give ultimate power to those who possessed it especially if combined together.

Now, there are two different viewpoints taken by the Muslims and Christians within the watcher groups which are understandably based on their respective religion. On the Christian’s side, they believe that the person crucified on the cross was Jesus Christ thus all the relics once smeared by his blood are HOLY and the relics powers are divine in origin. With no intention whatsoever to offence any of my Christian readers and friends out there, we the Muslims within the group firmly believe the Quran’s version (An-Nisa 157) that the person crucified was not Isa Al-Masih. Whomever person crucified (Yudas Eskariot?) on that Cross was a person renegade of God because it is our belief that God will never allow an innocent to be crucified in such degraded way. Therefore the relics itself even if posessing such powers, we fear the power are actually evil in origin because the blood which had dripped on its was the unholy blood of Yudas the heretic.


The crucifixion of Jesus took place at Calvary, which was also called Golgotha, outside of ancient Jerusalem’s early 1st century walls. These relics then were kept by his followers in the Jerusalem until it was moved in aftermath of the Crusade War. Regardless of what you might be told about Crusade War, the reason behind the war is actually because of the scramble to seize these relics. This relic has caused the Crusade War in the 11th Century.

According to the text book, The First Crusade was launched in 1095 by Pope Urban II with the dual goals of reconquering the sacred city of Jerusalem and the Holy Land and freeing the Eastern Christians from Islamic rule. On the other hand, what the text book is not telling you is that the real intention behind the First Crusade is not to free the Christians Community but rather to seize and rescue the relics from the Muslims Government. Both knights and peasants from many nations of Western Europe traveled over land and by sea towards Jerusalem and captured the city in July 1099, establishing the Kingdom of Jerusalem and other Crusader states. Over the course of the war, the crusaders murdered almost every inhabitant of Jerusalem. Muslims, Jews, and even eastern Christians were all massacred. These people were murdered in the pretext of siding with the enemies whereas the truth is they were murdered in an attempt to conceal the possession of the relics by the highest order within the crusade.. In the aftermath of the first Crusade, The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon (Latin: Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici), commonly known as the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR OR THE ORDER OF THE TEMPLE (French: Ordre du Temple or Templiers) were founded with its alleged purpose to ensure the safety of the many Christians who made the pilgrimage to Jerusalem after its conquest. This allegation is of course fake because the Knights Templar were established to safeguard the relics within the wall of the Jerusalem. Legend has it that upon having the relics in their hand, the crusaders discovered the amazing power of he relics capable of empowering its handlers to be undefeated at war. Christian legend has it that the Knight Templars had used the Spear in their most famous victories in 1177 during the Battle of Montgisard, where some 500 Templar knights helped the Crusaders to defeat Salahuddin Al-Ayubi’s army of more than 26,000 soldiers.

The spear of destiny was afterwards believed to change hands to the Romans. Queen Helena Augusta of Constantinople (c.250–c.330 AD) was told about the power the relics has and journeyed to Jerusalem to get her hands on it. Upon arriving in Jerusalem she built a Church (some say she actually built the first headquater fo the Knight of Templar) which the Knights Templar was willing to lend to her the Spears of Destiny. The relic was never returned to the Templars. Instead Queen Helena gave the Spear to her son Constantine the Great whom later becomes the first Christian Roman Emperor who ruled an empire consisted of Britain, Gaul, and Spain. It is therefore believed that the Roman Empire itself was built from the power within the relic.

The spear of destiny itself is responsible for the World War II. It is already well known amongst Illuminati enthusiast that Austria was annexed by the Nazi in 1938 solely for the purpose of seizing the Spear from Sigismund’s (Holy Roman Emperor for four years from 1433 until 1437) Collection of Reichskleinodien or Imperial Regalia which was at time kept in the Schatzkammer (Imperial treasury) in Vienna.

When Austria was annexed to Germany, Adolf Hitler took the Spear and hence the bloodshed which follows through out the Germany’s Military Campaign. This itself was the reason why the United States jump into the war. Later after the war it was seized by American General George S. Patton whom allegedly returned it to Austria to be stored in the Kunsthistorisches Museum. The returned spear was a fake. General Patton was an Illuminist under instruction to hand over the Spear to the Illuminati. The Spear has been in possession by the Illuminati ever since pending the coming of Anti Christ and the Novus Ordos Seclorum.

Regardless of how divine the Christians might think about the Spear of Destiny, I agreed with the notion that this relic is purely evil and therefore should not be considered as divine in origin. The trail of blood throughout the century including great wars and bloodshed can be related to this relic. It is undisputable however that a few great empires were established after coming into possession of the relic. The rise of the Roman Empire, the German Empire and the United States Empire today are all attributed to the possession of this relic and all of them had the trail of death and misery behind them.


According to Christian mythology, the Holy Grail was the dish, plate, or cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper, said to possess miraculous powers. Because the grail is small and easily concealed, the Knight Templars were able to hide it in Jerusalem and prevented it from being seized by Salahuddin Al-Ayubi. The continuance of the Knights Templar (which later on becoming an apostle in the name of the Freemasons and the Illuminati Secret Society) is also attributed to the continuance possession of the grail by the Templars descendants.

Within the Illuminati watchers, it was suggested however that the Grail was once possessed by Renaud de Châtillon, a Knight within the Templar who who served in the Second Crusade and remained in Jerusalem after its defeat. This is based on story that a monastery of San Juan de la Peña, located at the south-west of Jaca, in the province of Huesca, Spain, was once being tasked to protect the grail. It was said that the artifact is a 1st century Middle Eastern stone vessel, possibly from Antioch, Syria (now Turkey). The story here raised a suggestion that the vessel was sent by Renaud de Chatillon to smuggle the Grail from Antioch,Syria to Huesca, Spain.

After surviving the siege by Salahuddin Al Ayubi, the grail was smuggled and moved secretly by the remaining descendants of the Templars. Finally when the Illuminist decided to based themselves in United States, turn of the century accounts state that Irish partisans of the Clan Dhuir (O'Dwyer, Dwyer) transported the Grail to the United States during the 19th Century and the Grail was kept by their descendents in secrecy in a small abbey in the upper-Northwest (now believed to be Southern Minnesota).

The location of the grail now remains a secret keep tight by the Highest Illuminati Order. However it is believe that the Holy Grail and the Spear Of Destiny has found each other in the United States now, awaiting for its reunion with the relic of the True Cross which will mark the beginning of New World Order under the coming Anti-Christ.


Renaud de Châtillon is a significant figure behind the final Crusade between the Christian and the army of Salahuddin Al Ayubi. He was a member of Knights Templar who served in the Second Crusade and remained in Jerusalem after its defeat. He then moved to Antioch, Syria which was then a Crusader State and assumed a title of Lord of Kerak and Montréal. He is a true hater of Islam and despised every Muslims within sight. He became notorious for his wanton cruelty at Kerak, often having his enemies and hostages (especially Muslims) flung from its castle walls to be dashed to pieces on the rocks below. These murders actually was not carried out of pure joy only, Renaud de Châtillon was actually a Luciferian pretending to be Christian from the out-set. The murders he committed were in truth performed as human sacrifice to Lucifer.

in 1160, Raynald carried out a plundering raid against the Syrian and Armenian Muslim peasants of the neighborhood of Marash. During the raid however he was captured by Muslims and was confined at Aleppo, Syria for seventeen years. However, as the stepfather of the Empress Maria the daughter of Constance of Antioch, he was ransomed for the extraordinary sum of 120,000 gold dinars.

Ungrateful however, In November 1177, at the head of the army of the kingdom, he and the Knights Templar defeated Salahuddin Al-Ayubi at the Battle of Montgisard, Jerusalem by which the Muslims narrowly escaped. Christian legend has it that the Knight Templars had had summoned the powers of all three relics kept within Jerusalem to raised the crusader’s fighting spirit to win the battle.

Salahuddin Al Ayubi spent the subsequent year recovering from his defeat and rebuilding his army, renewing his attacks in 1179 to proof that God’s will cannot be defeated by mere relics. He defeated the Crusaders at the Battle of Jacob's Ford, Jerusalem after which a truce was declared between Saladin and the Crusader States in 1180. As part of the agreement and to honor Christian belief, Salahuddin decided not to seize the relics.

In 1181 however, still being ungrateful, the temptation of the Muslims caravans which passed by Kerak proved too strong to Renaud, therefore despite of a truce between Salahuddin and the king, Renaud began to plunder again. He also personally responsible for attacking Muslim caravans, who when in vain besought his mercy reciting the truce between the Muslims and Crusaders, he insulted their prophet Muhammad before murdering and torturing a number of them. Upon hearing this, Saladin swore an oath to personally execute Raynaud. Saladin also demanded reparations from the King but the King replied that he was unable to control the unruly Renaud. As a result, war broke out between Salahuddin and three Christian Kingdoms in 1182 after Salahuddin can took it no more upon Ranaud threatened to attack the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. In July 1187 Salahudin captured most of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. On July 4, 1187, he faced at the Battle of Hattin the combined forces of three Christian Kingdoms. In this battle alone the Crusader and the Templars army was largely annihilated by the Muslims in what was a major disaster for the Crusaders and a turning point in the history of the Crusades. Salahudin captured Raynald de Chatillon and then executed him. That night also, Salahudin ordered the execution of the hundreds of Templar Knights.

One of the items seized after the Battle of Hattin was the relic of True Cross. The relic was brought to Damascus, Syria and the Cross was marched up-side down by the ruler of Damascus throughout the city's street. The relic of true Cross is believed to remain hidden in Syria until today. Take a very important note now that the Relic of True Cross was lost from the Templar’s possession in the 12th century.



On April this year, Illuminati watchers around the world were struck dumbfounded with the news that a key from the 12th century were auctioned off by Sotheby for 9.2 million pound sterling (RM60 juta). Allegedly this key is a Kaabah Key which was stolen despite the fact that no one seems able to verify whether there has been a case of stolen Kaabah key before. Believe what you want but the speculation is rife that the key is the next clue to the location of the hidden Relic of True Cross in Syria. Some of us even dubbed it “the key once belong to Salahuddin Al Ayubi”.

The Illuminati and anti-Illuminati believe that History will repeat itself again and the Great War of Crusade will be wage again for the fourth and final time at Syria. The Illuminati whom are descendants of the Knight Templars will wage a vengeance against Muslims. The Illuminati with their sense of humor when it come to numbers (pun intended) will wage this war in 21st century in reminiscent of the same thing happened on the 12th century (notice anything peculiar with the numbers here?).

In April 2003, while the U.S. was in the midst of the Persian Gulf War, an American writer wrote a book that ultimately became a New York Times best seller “Beyond Iraq: The Next Move”. In the book, Michael D. Evans alleged that weapons of mass destruction were in Syria. He further accused Saddam Hussien of moving the WMDs and the funds to Syria to disseminate them out of Iraq. In near future, such accusation will become part of the official reason to wage a war against Syria. The main reason however is another turn of event which will be as a pretext to wage the war. The preparation to the war has already taken place when Admiral Millen made a rare guided tour of Syria’s border on 28th June which some speculated as preparation of attack in near future.

Within the anti-illuminati circles, it is widely believed that the whole purpose of the attack is to seize the Relic of True Cross. Legend has it that Lucifer and Moloch themselves had ordered the Higher Order Of The Illuminati to reunite all three relics which they believe shall then restore the invincibility of the army during the next great war against the Muslims.

For those already familiar with countless prophecies foretelling the Great War, it has already been discovered that Syria is the place to be avoided at all costs (unless if you seek to be a martyr). Syria as the place where the blood will spill is already undisputed within the Jewish, Christians and Muslims anti-Illuminati watchers.

In the Jewish Bible the antichrist is referred as two little horns. In Daniel 7:8 the said anti-Christ was said to spring up within the 4th Kingdom of the Roman Empire. In Daniel 8 the Anti-Christ was said to come out of one of the four surviving components of the Greek Empire following Alexander’s death. This is commonly thought to be the once Selucid Kingdom in today’s Syria.

Hadhrat Umme Salmah (R.A.) once narrates that Rasulullah SAW once said that there will come a time when a citizen of Madina will flee from Madinah and go to Makkah to approach Imam Mahadi between Hajrul Aswad and Makam Ibrahim, and forcefully pledge their allegiance to him. Upon hearing this the enemies of Islam will proceed from Syria in a huge army to attack Mahadi but when they will be at Baida, which is between Makkah and Madina, they will be swallowed by an earthquake into the ground.

In another prophecy based on Hadith, a great period of sorrow will befall on Muslims who would be under severe persecution and oppression from the tyrannical leader of that time who will rule Syria. This tyrant from the heart of Damascus, Syria known as Sufyaani (from the family of Abu Sufyaan) will begin a horrendous campaign of bloodshed and killing, during which no tribe or community will be left alone. Even women and children will be mercilessly butchered. It should be emphasized here that the place of origin of this bloodshed is Damascus, Syria where the relic of True Cross was last seen before it went missing in the 12th Century. According to some anti-Illuminati watchers, this fits the profile of the bloodshed which had trailed the Spear of Destiny since time immemorial. It is therefore widely believe that all the relics will be reunited in Syria to unleash the next Great War.

Regarding the relic of True Cross, most of my Muslim readers probably have heard the following Hadith as recounted by Abu Hurairah:- “"Demi Allah, sungguh putra Maryam benar-benar akan turun sebagai hakim, lalu mematahkan salib, membunuh babi, menghapus jizyah, dan harta melimpah ruah hingga tidak ada seorang pun yang mau menerimanya."

There were many discussions in an attempt to understand what the prophet really means with “mematahkan salib”. I am not going to comment on others who had already made their interpretation because everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m simply offering alternative interpretation here that if the hadith is interpret literally, it is possible that the “salib” in this hadith refers to the Relic of True Cross which had been used by Lucifer&Co to misled the Christians for centuries. One can imagine how pissed-off the son of Maryam will be upon seeing the relic which had been partly responsible for thousands years of heresy. I don’t think anyone could blame him for breaking and destroying the Cross the first time he get his hand on it.

Another hadith which in it mentioned a Salib is as follows. However whether the reference to a Salib here actually refers to the relic of True Cross continuously remains as open possibility:-

"kamu akan mengadakan perdamaian dengan bangsa Rum (Kristian) dalam keadaan aman, lalu kamu akan berperang bersama mereka melawan suatu musuh dari belakang mereka. Maka kamu akan selamat dan mendapat harta rampasan perang yg byk, kemudian kamu akan sampai ke sebuah padang rumput yg luas dan berbukit-bukit, maka berdirilah seorang lelaki Rum. Lalu dia akan mengangkat tanda salib (tentera kristian) dan melaungkan salib telah menang maka datanglah kepadanya seorang lelaki muslimin dan membunuh lelaki Rum tersebut , kemudian tentera Rum mengkhianati perdamaian dan terjadilah peperangan demi peperangan, dimana mereka akan bersatu menghadapi kamu di bawah 80 bendera , dibawah setiap bendera terdapat 12 ribu tentera"- Hadith sahih riwayat Imam Ahmad,Imam Abu Daud, Ibnu Majah dr Zu Makhmar RA.

The hadith here tells us that the Muslims and the Christians will form an alliance to fight a common enemy. Within the world of the watchers, it is no doubt that the common enemy here refers to army of heretics formed by Luciferian/Illuminati. The alliance between the Muslims and the Christians actually already exists today albeit a very fragile one. In the underground world, the war against Illuminati is now fought by operatives from both sides the Muslims and the Catholics in their attempt to cancel or delay the doomsday mission carried out by the Illuminati. It is therefore uneasy to imagine that one if this day our descendants might have to take part in a Great War against each other.

It is prophesied that the war waged by the Muslims/Christians alliance against the Illuminati will be motivated by each others religion. The Muslims is waging a war against in retaliation of centuries of oppression. The Christians on the other hand wage their war against those they finally perceived as heretics who in possession of the holy relics. When the war is almost won, the Christians will search and find the Relic of True Cross. Therefore upon winning the war, a soldier will raise the Relic and proclaimed victory because of the divine intervention from the Relic itself. This will angry the Muslims who had fought more bitterly in the war. The rest of the story is as already foretold in the hadith.


The purpose of article is not to influence your own interpretation of the hadith mentioned herein. A few Muslims scholars with better credentials had already interpreted the hadith too. The purpose of this article is merely to inform you that other people too have their own interpretation of the prophecy and it might be worth it to learn how the anti-illuminati watchers interpret the prophecy.

The purpose of studying the prophecy and the history behind it is to estimate how much time we have left before the Illuminati executed their next deadly blueprint. The Illuminist and Anti-Illuminist are all using prophecy as a time counter. Whenever a prophecy became true or self fulfilled, the Illuminati will works harder to speed up the unleash of the Great War while the anti-illuminati on the other hand will do what they can to delay it. However based on what is happening around the world today, it seems the Illuminati is scoring big each and every time.

How these prophecies will relate to our own country remains conjecture at the time being. But all Illuminati projects will eventually by synchronized around the globe to serve the ultimate goal. Knowing the Illuminati and their obsession with certain numbers such as 11, 13 and 33, the upcoming year 2013 will have significant risks of becoming the major event for the Illuminati.

Not many of us realize how significant 2013 will be. Our country will held it’s 13th General Election in 2013 by which the RAHMAN prophecy no longer hinted who will be our next Prime Minister. The appointment of Najib as the 6th Prime Minister will marked the end to the prophecy. So why is it no more letters after “N” in the prophecy? What will happen after “N”? Some predicted that the government will cease to exist in 2013 following the Great War. Others believe that the letter N indicate the last Muslim Prime Minister for this country.

In US, one of the briefing attended by Vice President-elect Joe Biden after Obama was elected as President was a brief by “Bipartisan Commission on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism” led by Illuminist former Sen. Bob Graham of Florida and Jim Talent of Missouri predicting that The United States will be attack by Al-Qaeda with nuclear or more likely biological weapons before 2013. This itself is clear indication that the Illuminati is in preparation to unleash the final the Great Was against the Muslims.

Another hint from the Illuminati is through senior Illuminist John McCain when he publicly used “2013” as a core of his previous presidential campaign. In the infamous presidential advertisement titled “2013”, the senior illuminist made a statement that the Iraq war can be won by 2013 and a significant achievement in National Security will be achieved. Hmm.. I guess this probably means that they will be done with Iraq in 2013 and thus prepare to strike the next Middle Eastern countries such as Syria or Iran or both simultaneously.

To avoid the risk of boring visitors to my website I will indulge no further of the information the Anti-illuminati had gathered on what will happen in 2013. Enough to say that each and every one of us has brain to do research whether of not there’s merits to the abovementioned prophecies. The information is available, abundant and naked before our own eyes.

Unfortunately the majority of us usually prefer to read about the latest happening in the world of entertainment or other internet trash rather than enriching ourselves with information which potentially can save our life.

I say It’s better to be paranoid than being too late.

Notes: Some believes that the Relic remains undiscovered is the Relic of True Cross. This is the opinion of many of my correspondents over the years. I wrote the article above based on their information which was emailed to me over the years. I on the other hand have different personal opinion. I am of opinion that the missing relic is not the True Cross. After readings that best seller Illuminati Code Book "H.... P..... and the Deathly Hallows", I believe the author was under instruction to spread the hidden code that the Illuminati are searching for the Spear Of Destiny instead (which was codenamed "the elder wand" in that book).

I would like to add that my correspondents within the world of anti-Illuminati consist of Muslims and from other religion including those claiming to write in the internet for the Catholic Church. So I hope many of my Christian readers will not be offended by this article. I am not trying to incite hatred against Christians here. Neither Muslims nor Christians desire to see the prophecy materialized in their own lifetime. So I say we must do our best to cancel or delay the prophecy. By attempting to cancel of delaying the prophecy does not means that we are working against God's will or our prophet's message. The prophecy itself never stated specifically when the war will happens therefore I see no wrong in acting in concert against the wishes of Illuminati and their master Lucifer. As good servant of God it is our duty always to hope and do the best for humanity and our children. Even in Islam the true principle of Qada & Qadar teaches us not simply to lay back and watch sin and disaster happening without trying our best to stop it first.


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Al prophesis poit to 2012 and 2013.
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